• Sophie Turner Says She Didn't Have Her Period for a Year Due to Extreme Dieting

    The actress credits husband Joe Jonas with saving her life.

    Harper's Bazaar
  • Emilia Clarke Reveals 'Game Of Thrones' Prop She Wasn't Allowed To Keep

    Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams also shared with People magazine what they took from the HBO set after filming ended.

  • Kylie Jenner's Ex-Boyfriend Tyga Was Once Married to the Mother of Tristan Thompson's Son

    Tyga Was Once Married to the Mother of Tristan Thompson's Son

  • Trump Says Fox News Is Moving To 'Losing' Side By Covering Democrats

    The president claimed the outlet was making the wrong move by giving airtime to his opponents.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Hits Hollywood with Hot GF, Talks About Future Business

    Joseph Baena just graduated from college, but like many grads days after getting their diploma, he doesn’t know what the heck he wants to do! Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s son was seen Friday night in West Hollywood with his girlfriend as the two left popular nightclub, Bootsy Bellows. Baena is all smiles while waiting for his Uber, […] The post Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Hits Hollywood with Hot GF, Talks About Future Business appeared first on The Blast.

  • Best Setting Sprays for Summer 2019 (10 photos)

    Not just glorified water. Originally Appeared on Teen Vogue

    Teen Vogue
  • PGA Championship 2019: Phil Mickelson inexplicably hits 3-wood from impossible lie, proves he knows what he's doing

    PGA Championship 2019: Phil Mickelson inexplicably hits 3-wood from impossible lie, proves he knows what he's doing

    The Loop
  • Wild video shows the moment an F-16 fighter jet crashed into a California warehouse

    In a wild story that was captured on video, an F-16 fighter jet crashed into a warehouse in Riverside, California shortly after takeoff yesterday afternoon. The pilot managed to safely eject from the plane before the crash and is said to have suffered no injuries, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.A full-on investigation into the cause of the crash will certainly yield more details, but early reports suggest that a hydraulics failure was the reason behind the malfunction and subsequent crash.Video of the impact was captured by a nearby car's dashboard cam. Ty Stanonis was on the freeway when the crash occurred ahead of him, he told FOX11. His vehicle's dashboard camera recorded the moment the jet crashed, showing the plane dropping into the building. "Everybody was slowing down, just trying to figure out what just happened," Stanonis said. The pilot's parachute deployed after he ejected, and he landed in a field inside the base. Stanonis said the pilot was still for a few moments but finally rose to his feet.The moment of impact can be seen in the first few seconds of the video below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j4dzuttA1wFootage captured from within the warehouse can be seen below. It's worth noting that the video contains explicit language.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ho35RgfUfIMiraculously, no one in the warehouse was seriously injured as a result of the crash, though a few individuals were taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation for minor injuries.Further, the F-16 was said to be carrying live ammunition which thankfully -- and remarkably -- did not go off. All in all, what could have been an all-out disaster resulted in no deaths or serious injuries

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  • Rocket attack hits near US Embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone

    BAGHDAD (AP) — A rocket was fired into the Iraqi capital's heavily fortified Green Zone Sunday night, landing less than a mile from the sprawling U.S. Embassy, an Iraqi military spokesman said.

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  • Bride shocked as wedding cake is decorated with two 'balls'

    The clamshell pearls on her ocean-themed order resembled something else entirely.

    Yahoo Style UK
  • Trump Fumes Over 'Loser' GOP Lawmaker Who Floated Impeachment

    Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan became the first Republican congressman to call the president's conduct "impeachable."

  • Ohio State team doctor abused over 177 male students — and school leaders knew: Report

    A now-dead Ohio State team doctor sexually abused at least 177 male students over nearly two decades, and university officials knew what he was doing and did little to stop him, according to an investigative report released by the school Friday. Dr. Richard Strauss committed the abuse from 1979 to 1997 — nearly his entire time at Ohio State — in episodes involving athletes from at least 16 sports, plus his work at the student health center and his off-campus clinic, the report said. The report on Strauss, who took his life in 2005, could cost the university heavily by bolstering the lawsuits brought against it by a multitude of victims.

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  • Ocasio-Cortez Sides With Buffett on How Errant CEOs Should Pay

    The freshman New York Democrat retweeted a CNBC article about how the Berkshire Hathaway chairman recently told shareholders that if a bank needs a government bail-out, the responsible CEO and his or her spouse should lose their net worth. In the CNBC story she retweeted, originally published on May 4, the day of Berkshire’s annual meeting in Omaha, Buffett was quoted as responding to a shareholder’s question regarding the Wells Fargo scandal in 2016 involving the creation of fake accounts. The story pointed out Berkshire is one of the largest shareholders in Wells Fargo.

  • Pet sitter caught on doggie cam naked inside client's home

    A California pet sitter was caught on camera getting romantic in a customer's home, after being hired through a popular dog walking app.

    WLS – Chicago
  • 3-year-old filly Congrats Gal collapses, dies after Miss Preakness Stakes race

    The three-year-old filly's death further mars an already tough stretch for the horse-racing world.

    Yahoo Sports
  • Google just dealt a huge blow to Huawei, reportedly cutting it off from Android updates

    It was only about two months ago that Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei's consumer products division, was telling a German newspaper that the beleaguered Chinese smartphone brand had been prepping a mobile OS as a kind of Plan B if the company ever got cut off by Google from relying on Android.He probably didn't expect the turn of events to lead to that outcome so soon, but it appears that day may have nevertheless suddenly arrived. Google has reportedly decided to cut ties with Huawei, which means the company has just lost its Android license, and its devices will no longer receive Android updates -- nor will its future handsets be able to access Google apps as well as the Google Play Store.Reuters was the first on Sunday to report this significant development in the ongoing flap between Huawei and Western governments and companies fearful that the company is a proxy for China's central government, as well as its national security apparatus. The report speculates this move by Google could "hobble" Huawei's ascendant smartphone business -- if true. That "if," of course, being important to stress, because the report seems to rely on a single source familiar with the matter.Huawei, that source told the news agency, "will only be able to use the public version of Android and will not be able to get access to proprietary apps and services from Google."The news follows Thursday's move by the Trump administration to add Huawei to a trade blacklist that immediately restricts its ability to do business with US companies. Google's move doesn't cut Huawei completely off from Android, as it will still have access to the version available through the Android Open Source Project, but the company as noted would lose some of the other benefits of a relationship with Google.The US and Huawei have for months now been at odds in a standoff that stems from the US trade flap with China. The effects of that trade tension on Huawei itself have involved everything from the US pressuring allies to cut ties with Huawei to the unveiling of criminal charges against company officials.https://twitter.com/HuaweiFacts/status/1129617257716305921Huawei has definitely been worried about this outcome for a while now. Huawei's rotating chairman Eric Xu told Reuters back in March in a display of defiance against this possible turn of events that, "No matter what happens, the Android Community does not have any legal right to block any company from accessing its open-source license."

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  • Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards prepares to sign restrictive abortion bill

    "My inclination is to sign it," Gov. John Bel Edwards said when discussing a "heartbeat bill" currently under consideration in the state Legislature.

  • 'Game of Thrones' Series Finale Details Reportedly Leak Online

    Who will survive the finale of "Game of Thrones"? Some savvy watchers of the HBO series might have a clue heading into Sunday night's episode after a detailed description of the final installment reportedly leaked online. [Note: This post does not contain any "Game of Thrones" spoilers.] A spokesperson said HBO had no comment. While […]