• Giant Leatherback Turtle Will Inspire You to Do Everything You Can to Protect the Oceans (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

    The Facebook video below of a giant Leatherback turtle returning to the sea will leave you wide-eyed and your mouth gaping open in disbelief. You may have seen the adorable videos of baby turtles hatching and racing to get to the ocean – which is also amazing – but this turtle is on a whole different scale literally! At first glance, you may be tempted to think that the video has been manipulated in some way but we assure you it has not. Check it out below! While the Galapagos turtle is the largest living species of tortoise, this Leatherback turtle is enormous! Leatherbacks are the largest of all living turtles and are the fourth-heaviest modern reptile after three species of crocodile. They

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  • With help from NASA astronaut, treasure hunter says he may have found alien space ship off Florida's coast

    Is there a giant alien spaceship sitting on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off Florida’s east coast? Treasure hunter Darrell Miklos thinks so. And so, apparently, may former NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper. Miklos hosts “Cooper’s Treasure,” a reality show on Discovery channel. The show is based on searching for shipwrecks and other unusual items on Earth that Cooper saw from space and charted on maps he made. Miklos told the Daily Mail newspaper that while filming an episode of his TV show in the Bahamas he came across something he thinks is from another world. “I was trying to identify shipwreck material based on one of the anomaly readings on Gordon's charts when I noticed something that stuck

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  • Alien abduction: 45 years after alleged UFO encounter, Mississippi man breaks his silence

    On October 11, 1973, Calvin Parker, Jr and Charles Hickson reported being abducted by aliens in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Decades later, in a rare interview with the Associated Press, Parker breaks his silence and stands by his story. (Oct. 11) It was an event he has been reluctant to speak about, yet it shaped much of his life. Calvin Parker, now of Moss Point, along with friend Charles Hickson, claimed they were abducted by aliens while fishing on the Pascagoula River and now Parker has written a book he hopes will set the record straight. "Pascagoula — The Closest Encounter, My Story" was recently published. It contains the first full account of the event given by Parker along with how it affected

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  • Mother Explains How She Forgot Infant Son in Hot Car, Leading to His Death

    The mother of a six-month-old boy who died after he was left in a car for hours, says she forgot her baby was in the car while she was at work.

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  • The 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels EVER Might Surprise You (11 photos)

    Find out which channel leads with 65 MILLION subscribers. From Seventeen

  • A mother and son went to the library, cops say. A drama played out in the bathroom

    A mother and her 10-year-old son went to their local library, and it was a trip neither will forget any time soon. According to an arrest report from the Ocoee Police Department, on Aug. 1 the boy went to use the restroom at the West Oaks Library. While standing in a locked stall, he said he saw a cellphone peering over the divider. He ran out quickly to report the incident to his mother, who stood outside the bathroom waiting for the suspect to emerge. She told cops she confronted the man, who exited the library, and then reported him to library staff. The branch manager tried to track down the suspect, who drove away in his older model Honda Accord. Police were summoned. In surveillance video,

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  • Farrah Abraham slammed for inappropriate outfit, bringing 9-year-old daughter to court

    Farrah Abraham raised eyebrows at a court appearance on Monday stemming from her June arrest. Not only did the former "Teen Mom OG" star get slammed for wearing a revealing dress to her arraignment, she was also criticized online for bringing along her 9-year-old daughter Sophia.

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  • Turkey's president threatened a major blow to the US — but Trump looks to have called his bluff

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan, now feuding with his NATO ally President Donald Trump, wrote an editorial in the New York Times on Friday which painted his country as the victim of US bullying that could result in Ankara "looking for new friends and allies." Erdoğan's plea for US concessions comes after the Turkish lira sharply tanked, bringing markets in Europe and Asia down with it. Turkey's economic woes are partly caused by a dispute over the fate of US preacher Andrew Brunson, who Trump reportedly lobbied unsuccuessfully to have released, prompting sanctions which are contributing to the crisis. Turkey has cozy relations with both Russia and Iran, and his suggestion that Ankara could find

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  • Old man lights up young victim on basketball court before catching Twitter fire

    This Michigan State fan gave his driveway skins counterpart the okey doke with the ultimate old-man basketball move. 

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  • Conor McGregor’s Teammate Makes Very Bold Prediction For Khabib Nurmagomedov Fight

    Conor McGregor will return to the octagon to face Khabib Nurmagomedov for the UFC lightweight title at UFC 229 on Oct. 6, and one of The Notorious’ teammates fully expects an easy day at the office for the former two-division champion. James Gallagher, a Bellator bantamweight and McGregor’s teammate at SBG Ireland in Dublin, recently told MMAjunkie.com he believes Nurmagomedov will be knocked out early in the first round. “He’s going to get stiffened in about a minute-and-a-half,” Gallagher said. Nurmagomedov will carry a perfect record (29-0 MMA; 10-0 UFC) into his fight against McGregor (21-3 MMA; 9-1 UFC) and figures to hold a distinct wrestling advantage. But McGregor, who fought Floyd Mayweather

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  • People are calling this SAT math question 'the meanest test problem ever' — see if you can solve it

    The SAT exam allows for about two minutes to solve each math problem. The key to conquering the math section of the test is knowing how to break down a deliberately confusing question and sift through unnecessary details to quickly find the answer. In a Quora thread of the most difficult SAT math problems, one question emerged as "the meanest test problem ever." It reads: In a class of p students, the average (arithmetic mean) of the test scores is 70. In another class of n students, the average of the scores for the same test is 92. When the scores of the two classes are combined, the average of the test scores is 86. What is the value of p/n? Can you figure out how to solve it? If not, never

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  • Blood pressure medication recalled because it gives you cancer instead

    If you're on a drug for high blood pressure or heart failure, it's pretty likely that you're doing your best to keep your body in working order. However, some patients with heart issues have recently found themselves trading one life-threatening condition with the risk of another. An FDA investigation has triggered a recall of over 50 different medications which contain a drug that has now been linked to cancers. N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) is formally classified as a carcinogen by the FDA, meaning that it has the potential to cause cancers to form, and it was found in 55 different medications under the name valsartan, which is prescribed for patients with heart failure and blood pressure issues. The recall list is long, covering valsartan prescriptions in a number of different dosages and amounts. A number of different companies produce the drug, and now they're being forced to yank them from pharmacy shelves. The FDA notes that the carcinogen's presence in the drug is being considered an "impurity," meaning that not all valsartan prescriptions are affected by the recall. Those which do not contain the NDMA impurity are still considered safe, according to the FDA. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb provided the following statement in the FDA's bulletin : The FDA is committed to maintaining our gold standard for safety and efficacy. That includes our efforts to ensure the quality of drugs and the safe manner in which they’re manufactured.  When we identify lapses in the quality of drugs and problems with their manufacturing that have the potential to create risks to patients, we’re committed to taking swift action to alert the public and help facilitate the removal of the products from the market. As we seek the removal of certain drug products today, our drug shortages team is also working hard to ensure patients’ therapeutic needs are met in the United States with an adequate supply of unaffected medications. If you need to check whether your medication is part of the recall, you can do so via the list ( PDF ) provided by the FDA.

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  • Swimsuit and Heels? Kylie Jenner Shows How It’s Done

    Kylie Jenner turned 21 in grand fashion—wearing a playsuit by LaBourjoisie and dresses by Peter Dundas and Tom Ford-era Gucci—but yesterday in Calabasas while jewelry shopping with Travis Scott, the youngest billionaire made waves in beach style with an urban twist. Jenner, dressed in a leather swimsuit, faded jeans, and strappy heels, offset the SoCal vibes of her ensemble with a bossy pinstripe jacket. Jenner kept things sleek in the high rise, hip-baring beach staple — a clever alternative to the seasonal crop top or traditional bodysuit. It was the perfect foil for her boyish jeans and a pinstriped blazer while the Manolo Blahnik high-heeled sandals landed her somewhere between the boardroom

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  • New York subway riders attack conductor after announcement train would be making only express stops

    Two irate subway riders are being sought by New York police after a subway conductor was viciously beaten when he announced a train was going "express" on Saturday. The NYPD said the assault happened shortly after 4:30 a.m. at the Grant Avenue station in Brooklyn, when the 62-year-old conductor said the A train would be skipping local stations. A man then approached the conductor’s booth window and started yelling and throwing punches. Video released by police shows the man reach through the window as the conductor tries to push him away. A woman then joins in and also starts pummeling the conductor before both attackers flee. The conductor was treated for cuts and bruises to his face, police

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  • Hospital employee is fired for calling doughnut shop worker the N word in viral video

    He says the offensive word multiple times in the video.

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  • Kellyanne Conway Refuses to Defend Trump Calling Omarosa ‘Dog’

    Kellyanne Conway is still, after all these many months, one of President Donald Trump’s most loyal mouthpieces. Earlier this month, Conway broke with the president by saying something neither he nor his press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been willing to admit out loud: “I don't believe journalists are the enemy of the people.” Now, she seems to be having trouble going as hard against her former colleague and friend Omarosa Manigault Newman as her boss has been on Twitter. Just as Manigault Newman’s tell-all book Unhinged hits shelves on Tuesday, her war of words with the president has been heating up.

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  • 'The Voice' Season 15 Has Some Crazy Judge and Cast Surprises in Store

    The heat of August might have you still in full summer mode, but fall is only a few weeks away. And with it comes another season of NBC's hit The Voice. While the format of the competition show will overall stay the same, the series is once again shaking things up in the judges row. Here are all the key details about the new season that we know so far: The Voice season 15 stars Monday, September 24 at 8 p.m. Warning you now: Monday, September 24 is going to be all about the TV premieres. Apart from The Voice coming back on NBC, The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Young Sheldon (CBS), and Dancing With the Stars (ABC) all return that same night (and, unfortunately all right around the same time). Your DVR

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  • Mike Zimmer told Jaguars months ago he didn’t want a fight

    When the Jaguars inquired with Vikings coach Mike Zimmer this spring about a joint workout, it’s as if he could see into the future. “When they called me, I just expressed my concerns that I don’t want this to be a fight or anything like this,” Zimmer said, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul [more]

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