• Lakers reached out to Lonzo Ball wondering if Big Baller Brand shoes part of ankle issues

    Ball recently severed some ties with BBB over the business manager's handling of his money.

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  • Robert Mueller's Russia investigation may have concluded but Trump cannot breathe a sigh of relief just yet

    After two years, more than 30 indictments or guilty pleas and close to 200 individual charges – special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is expected to be wound up within a few more days. It is up to Mr Barr as to what Congress, and by extension the US public, see of the report. Mr Barr has pledged transparency over a report that at least one US official is said to have called “comprehensive”.

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  • Shoppers report seeing a ghost roaming the aisles of a Massachusetts grocery store

    One does have to wonder if the stories are true: what did this poor soul do in her living life to be banished to grocery shop for the rest of eternity?

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  • Jordyn Woods Causes Paparazzi Madness During Hollywood Dinner

    Jordyn Woods‘ has stepped out of Kylie Jenner‘s shadow — the once crowned BFF is now a full-blown superstar. The eyelash mogul was BOMBARDED by photographers Friday night when she showed up at one of the biggest celebrity dinner spots, Craig’s, for a casual night out. Wearing a tight black shirt and a matching crop […] The post Jordyn Woods Causes Paparazzi Madness During Hollywood Dinner appeared first on The Blast.

  • Lori Loughlin's daughter Olivia Jade 'blames' parents for destroying her career: report

    The college bribery scandal has rocked Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli's family, causing a rift between them and their daughters.

  • Man arrested for keeping an 86-inch flat-screen TV that was mailed to his home by mistake

    The man originally bought and paid for a 74-inch flat-screen TV on Amazon, but when the 86-inch arrived, delivered by a third-party shipping company, he chose not to return the larger model.

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  • Here's How Republicans Are Reacting To The Mueller Report's Completion

    On Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller handed Attorney General William Barrhis long-awaited report investigating the Trump campaign and Russianinterference in the 2016 election

  • Teen daughter removed from front of Spirit Airlines plane while uninformed mother sat in back, lawsuit claims

    A 15-year-old girl was allegedly removed from a Spirit Airlines flight, while her unbeknownst mother and brother sat in the back of the plane, due to overbooking.

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  • Tarek El Moussa Says His Children Are 'My Life' After Ex Christina Anstead Announces Pregnancy

    Tarek El Moussa Posts Photo of Children After Christina El Moussa Announces Pregnancy

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Hits Fox News' Male Hosts With Question About Obsession

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Thursday laughed off the obsessionthat some Fox News personalities appear to have with her."I mean, it's weird," she told "Late

  • Who was Renty? The story of the slave whose racist photos have triggered a lawsuit against Harvard

    The photos of Renty and his daughter Delia, taken in nude in 1850 against their will for a Harvard University professor, are now the subject of a lawsuit that Tamara Lanier has filed this week.

  • Prince Charles 'told Harry to soldier on' in face of critics during tough first few months of marriage

    The Prince of Wales was a great support to Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle during their tough first few months of marriage together, according to a filmmaker who got to know him well. Prince Charles advised his youngest son to ignore the critics and 'soldier on', claims John Bridcut, who spent a year with the heir to the throne filming a documentary to mark his 70th birthday last November. Describing the heir to the throne as a “caring, kind and sensitive” soul - who has a close friendship with his sons, Bridcut claims the prince drew on his experience of his troubled marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales, to become a solid supporter of the the Duke And Duchess Of Sussex. The filmmaker conducted in-depth interviews with the Prince, his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Princes William and Harry for ‘Prince Charles at 70’ which premieres on PBS in the US tonight. “There is a close relationship between father and son and I'm aware that he gets along very well with both the daughters-in-law,” explained Bridcut. “He is naturally a warm person.” Asked about the advice he passed to Harry and Meghan about their recent dramas involving the Markle family, Bridcut said: “His approach would be that you just carry on doing the job. He wouldn’t have added to that. His attitude would be that some of the attacks he would feel were unfair. “He would apply himself and just carry on doing the job and soldier on and that’s what he’s done and it’s borne fruit.” Bridcut claims the grandfather of three keeps his support of the younger Royals and his true nature hidden from the public. Bridcut added: “He has got a natural aversion to being seen or described in anyway that he would see as saccharin. He does not want to be seen as a sentimental or touchy feely, because I think that’s part of what he sees as his private life and his private existence. So he doesn’t push that side of things. "So I think that’s why it’s taken a while for people to notice it, because it’s not in their face all the time.” However the Prince did show how close he is to Harry when he stepped in at the last minute to walk Meghan down the aisle at their Windsor wedding last May. Bridcut says that the Duchess of Sussex’s delight at having the Prince replace her absent father Thomas Markle gave the world an insight into their close bond. “Charles is being completely supportive - and could be seen in the very touching way in which he was involved in the wedding ceremony itself, which was sort of all quite understated. "It was all very last minute of course the way things turned out. But what Camilla says in the film that I felt very strongly when I watched it myself with the way he held out his hand for Megan’s mother and that moment was completely unscripted and spontaneous, but totally typical of the man actually. “He doesn’t advertise this but he is a very sensitive man and I’ve seen that myself a lot. “And again, it is something that is not true of all royals. He goes to the opera and he will weep at the opera, because he gets moved by that.” Prince Charles escorts Doria Ragland from St George's Chapel after her daughter Meghan's wedding to Prince Harry Credit: Getty Images Europe/WPA Pool Speaking about the future king’s relationship with his sons, he added: “There was sense in which for a long time, people saw them as their mother’s sons and I think there’s been a growing awareness that actually they have a good relationship with their father and it’s actually quite touching and it’s sort of built in the last few years. "I think people were surprised that they actually had a really good relationship with their father, without in anyway decreasing their devotion to their mother. "It’s really interesting to see particularly Prince Harry has become a real champion of his father and in a way, they look more alike as the years go by. “They’re different people obviously, but there is a real sympathy there and he in some ways physically reminds me of his father and I find that quite surprising, whereas William looks more like his mother.” The documentary, which was first screened on BBC One in November, features scenes of the Prince in his home office in London and on working trips to Scotland and Wales, as well as abroad during visits to the Pacific island republic of Vanuatu and Caribbean countries struggling to recover from the recent deadly hurricanes.

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  • Suspect arrested after elderly woman kicked in face on train

    Police say no one attempted to help the 78-year-old woman, but several recorded the attack on their smartphones.

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  • Vegan influencer caught eating fish shocked her fans are outraged: 'I never expected this reaction'

    Yovana Mendoza Ayres makes money off of promoting a plant-based lifestyle to her millions of followers. But they just found out that she's not actually vegan.

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  • Robert Mueller report will be a gold mine of improprieties. Trump shouldn't celebrate yet.

    We don't know if Mueller's report holds an absolution halo or an impeachment crosshair. But signs are it will be a trove of Trump's swamp-like conduct.

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  • Even most Americans with $10,000 to invest couldn't answer these 3 money questions

    A TD Ameritrade survey, which asked Americans with at least $10,000 in investable assets to answer money questions about 401(k) plans and IRA accounts, shows that there's a lot of confusion around retirement accounts.

  • 16 British hotels to visit before you die (17 photos)

    From spa hotels to castle retreats, add these to your bucket list... From Country Living

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  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blames Right-Wing Media For Daily Death Threats

    https://t.co/Tw0LWnpmDh \-- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) February 1, 2019