• Charlize Theron Confirms Daughter Jackson is Trans

    Charlize Theron loves her kids. She can't talk about them without holding back tears and in a recent interview with the Daily Mail she illustrates why she's a truly great parent. In 2012 the actress adopted her second child, Jackson. Over the last year, speculation started building that Jackson might be transgender and now Theron […]

  • 20-year-old college student says Uber driver left her on side of the road when he found out she was getting an abortion

    A 20-year-old college student took to Reddit to share how her Uber driver left her on the side of the road.

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  • Youth pastor asks students to cut him with a steak knife for Easter lesson and parents are 'disgusted'

    "My intention was to show them how much Jesus loved them and I loved them as a student leader for almost four years now," the youth pastor said in an online apology.

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  • Children of California 'house of horrors' parents beg judge for more lenient sentence

    The children of a California couple sentenced to life in prison for torturing them in a case that has shocked the US said they "forgive" their parents as they begged the judge for a more lenient sentence.  David and Louise Turpin's 13 children were discovered malnourished, shackled to their beds and living in filthy conditions when their 17-year-old daughter escaped the home and raised the alarm last January. "I love both of my parents so much," said one of the daughters, in a statement read by her brother at a sentencing hearing on Friday. The comments were echoed by some of the other children, with one asking for a lighter sentence because "they believed everything they did was to protect us". The couple, who pleaded guilty to 14 charges including child abuse and torture in February, have been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years. Investigators said all but one of the children - the baby - was abused Credit: UPI / Barcroft Images  The California "house of horrors" case, as it came to be known, shocked the US after the scale of the abuse was laid bare last year. When police entered the property in Perris, California they said it was covered in filth and the stench of human waste was overwhelming. The Turpins' offspring, who ranged from 2 - 29 years old at the time, were so severely malnourished they required urgent treatment for severe muscle wastage and neurological conditions. At least two girls have been left unable to bear children.  The deeply religious couple told the court they believed God had called on them to have so many children. Louise Turpin, left, listens to her attorney, Jeff Moore, during a sentencing hearing Friday Credit: AP Mrs Turpin, 50, wept as the first public statements from some of the children, who alternately spoke of love for their parents and what they had suffered. None of the children were publicly identified. One of the girls pleaded for a lenient sentence, saying her parents believed "God put it into their hearts" to home school the 13 children but were unable to cope.  Another said: "Life may have been bad but it made me strong. I fought to become the person that I am. I saw my dad change my mom. They almost changed me, but I realised what was happening. ... I'm a fighter, I'm strong and I'm shooting through life like a rocket." David Turpin, left, listens to his attorney during a sentencing hearing Friday Credit: AP Ahead of his sentence, Mr Turpin, 57, told the judge he never intended to harm his children, saying: "My homeschooling and discipline had good intentions".  "I'm sorry for everything I've done to hurt my children. I love my children so much," Ms Turpin said. Judge Bernard Schwartz told the couple they had delayed their children's "emotional, mental and physical development" as he jailed them on Friday. "You have severed the ability to interact and raise the children that you created and brought into this world," he said.   The court had previously heard how the children were only allowed to shower once a year and were mainly kept in their rooms except for meals, which had been reduced from three to one per day.  Other than an occasional family trip to Las Vegas or Disneyland, they rarely left the home. They slept during the day and were active a few hours at night. Although the couple filed paperwork with the state to home school their children, learning was limited.  "We don't really do school. I haven't finished first grade," the 17-year-old said, according to Deputy Manuel Campos. Investigators found that the toddler had not been abused, but all of the children were hospitalised after they were discovered. The seven adult children were living together and attending university in February when their parents pleaded guilty.

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  • All the Celebrity Couples Who've Already Called It Quits in 2019 (36 photos)

    The new year means a new start for these former pairs

  • Anderson Cooper Challenges White House Spokesman To Have The 'Guts' To Admit His Boss Lies

    "Gidley said that Mueller had determined there was no collusion between theTrump campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 U

  • Police officer responds to 5-year-old's emergency 911 call: 'Can you bring me McDonald's?'

    "I figured - hey, I'm driving past McDonald's on my way there and I might as well get him something," the officer said.

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  • Bieber Tears Into Laura Ingraham: 'Absolutely Disgusting' And 'Should Be Fired'

    The Fox News host provoked the pop star's wrath after she joked about the death of rapper Nipsey Hussle.

  • Driver with STAYUMBL license plate, notorious for cutting people off around Durham, charged in incident with bus

    The STAYUMBL license plate is notorious on the road and social media. Folks say the driver behind the wheel will speed up, cut people off and then slam on her brakes, sometimes causing a crash.

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  • High school student cracked an egg on his mom's head — then got arrested for domestic battery

    The high school senior shared on Facebook that he would perform the "Facebook Egg Challenge," in which a person cracks a raw egg on the head of an unsuspecting victim, or even themselves, if his post received 300 comments.

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  • Officer drives man he pulled over with invalid license to job interview — and he nails it

    "I thought it was over," the man said. "The main thing that was running through my mind [was] I'm fixin' to miss the job interview and get the car towed that wasn't even mine."

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  • Khloé Kardashian Wears Sexy Crystal Dress to Kourtney Kardashian's 40th Birthday Party

    Khloé Kardashian Wears Crystal Dress and Headpiece to Kourtney Kardashian's 40th Birthday Party

  • Magic Bullet: The AMP Round Will Let U.S. M1 Abrams Tanks Kill Anything

    In a 2016 Army statement on AMP, quoting a senior program manager, describes it impact this way…. "Right now our crews face the dilemma as they go into combat of deciding what rounds to load in the turret and carry in the gun. If they choose wrong, they could have a mismatch between target and ammunition, which will cost them valuable seconds while in enemy contact.”A single emerging US Army Abrams tank round is engineered to attack and destroy enemy tanks, bunkers, concrete walls, light armored vehicles and even small groups of enemy fighters - by enabling crews to instantly adjust its explosive effect within seconds.The Army’s Advanced Multi-Purpose 120 mm ammunition round is being prepared for a far-superior M1A2 SEP v4 Abrams tank variant for the 2020s and beyond — designed to be more lethal, faster, lighter weight, better protected, equipped with new sensors and armed with upgraded, more effective weapons, service officials said.(This article by Kris Osborn originally appeared in DefenseMaven in 2019.) The AMP round, according to Northrop Grumman and Army developers, will replace four tank rounds now in use by consolidating various possible blast effects into a single round, using variable “fuse” adjustments and an advanced Ammunition Data Link.

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  • Notre Dame's Three Rooftop Beehives (Containing Over 180,000 Bees) Survive Cathedral Fire

    The beekeeper that cares for Notre Dame's three hives confirmed on Thursday that bees are flying in and out of the hives

  • Bachelorette party guest shamed online after email detailing her demands goes viral

    The email detailed six rules the group could not break on a bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

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  • How Much Do You Spend On Weed? 10 Women Share Their Marijuana Budget

    Just a few years ago, smoking weed required some tiptoeing around, the arranging of an illicit rendezvous with a dealer, and the tacit acceptance of the fact that you might end up with some highly disappointing herb.Although in many parts of the country (and world) marijuana consumption still requires some discretion due to legal restrictions, these days engaging with cannabis looks very different.Today, there are approximately 55 million recreational marijuana users in the U.S. — and the majority of them are millennials. Negative attitudes around marijuana are rapidly decreasing in many places, even as they stubbornly endure in others.Basically, we’re living in a weird time right now. On one hand, companies are increasingly profiting off of absurd (and arguably unnecessary) cannabis-centered marketing tactics — see Carl’s Jr.’s new CBD-infused burger — and on the other, archaic and discriminatory legal practices persist in places where cannabis is perceived as a threat to civil society.Regardless of legality, people across the country are smoking quite a bit of weed and using other cannabis derivatives — both psychoactive and not — for everything from pain management to increased concentration to plain old fun. And this growing demand has created more opportunities for people wanting to get a slice of the $80 billion cannabis industry. And this progress has also allowed women and women of color entrepreneurs to enter the space.Ahead, we chatted with ten anonymous individuals across the U.S. to get some details on how much money they set aside for cannabis products each month. We take a look at the legal status of marijuana in each of these states, as well as what types of weed products people are using, what they use them for, and how they feel about current shifting attitudes toward the cannabis plant.Age: 20Location: FloridaAnnual income: $6,000Monthly Weed Budget: $20Legal status: Legal for medical use, illegal for recreational useReason for use: Pain management, mental healthTypes of products: Flower, pens, cartridgesHow do you feel about current attitudes or stigmas around marijuana?"The stigmas can be harmful. They have led me to not be able to get jobs that require drug tests when I use marijuana for anxiety and to sleep.”Age: 28Location: New YorkAnnual income: $78,000Monthly Weed Budget: $10Reason for use: Pain managementTypes of products: Flower, CBDLegal status: Legal for medical use, illegal for recreational use, partially decriminalizedHow do you feel about current attitudes or stigmas around marijuana?“I think it's stupid that a naturally occurring plant that has been used medicinally by so many civilizations throughout history is still stigmatized while alcohol, which has no redeeming value whatsoever, is glorified.”Age: 27Location: CaliforniaAnnual income: $45,000Monthly Weed Budget: $65Legal status: Fully legalReason for use: Mental health, pain managementTypes of products: Flower, ediblesHow do you feel about current attitudes or stigmas around marijuana?“Weed should be prized more for its ability to destress and relieve pain. It’s a comment on our society that we stigmatize things that help us relax and detach coming home from work. I feel lucky to be in a state that allows it, because it helps with my anxiety and chronic pain and I just have to pop into the store whenever I need some. It’s cheaper than most drugs and not full of chemicals. It should be less taboo to find alternatives to Western medicine, so that the U.S. can start to relax and find more happiness within itself. If we were not flipping out over all this small stuff, we could focus on solving problems that actually affect all of us.”Age: 25Location: IllinoisAnnual income: $54,000Monthly Weed Budget: $30Legal status: Legal for medical use, illegal for recreational use, partially decriminalizedReason for use: Pain management, recreationTypes of products: Flower, edibles, cannabis oilHow do you feel about current attitudes or stigmas around marijuana?“It's surprising that marijuana is more regulated than alcohol, given the number of deaths alcohol causes each year. As my generation and the one behind it come of voting age, I think we'll see marijuana become more and more decriminalized. Thirty years ago marijuana had the reputation that hard drugs like cocaine does now. But the recent research around marijuana and its benefits is hard to ignore. Over time, as more of this research is published, I think it'll become less stigmatized.”Age: 26Location: GeorgiaAnnual income: $54,000Monthly Weed Budget: $250Legal status: Illegal for medicinal and recreational useReason for use: Pain management, mental healthTypes of products: Flower, rolling papers, and filtersHow do you feel about current attitudes or stigmas around marijuana?“Cannabis is widely misunderstood and given a bad rep. Medicinally, it does wonders for my migraines and PMS. Other times it helps with my work anxiety, stress, and sleep.”Age: 23Location: WashingtonAnnual income: $128,000Monthly Weed Budget: $40Legal status: Fully legalReason for use: Recreation, pain managementTypes of products: Flower, concentrates, and vape cartridgesHow do you feel about current attitudes or stigmas around marijuana?“Stigmas are pretty much nonexistent here in Seattle, which is good, but it’s ridiculous that it exists elsewhere. It prevents sane legalization policies and people from understanding how to use in moderation and avoid abuse."Age: 24Location: OregonAnnual income: $30,000Monthly Weed Budget: $80Legal status: Fully legalReason for use: Mental healthTypes of products: CBD, edibles, and pre-rollsHow do you feel about current attitudes or stigmas around marijuana?“Honestly, I think the stigma is really silly.”Age: 22Location: CaliforniaAnnual income: $60,000Monthly Weed Budget: $60Legal status: Fully legalReason for use: Pain management, health, recreationTypes of products: Flower, cartridges, tools, accessoriesHow do you feel about current attitudes or stigmas around marijuana?“I don’t smoke or consume marijuana every single day, but I think the stigma around it is ridiculous. Especially when it results in racial bias in the criminal justice system, which leads to long prison sentences for minor nonviolent crimes such as possession.“I am aware that we don’t know everything there is to know about marijuana consumption, much like doctors and tobacco use in the 20th century, but the benefits of smoking weed — which, for me, include entertainment, anxiety relief, and occasional insomnia relief — outweigh the potential risks. This is a decision I make for myself.”Age: 30Location: ConnecticutAnnual income: $260,000Monthly Weed Budget: $125Legal status: Legal for medical use, partially decriminalizedReason for use: Mental healthTypes of products: Cannabis oil, vape penHow do you feel about current attitudes or stigmas around marijuana?“Only close friends and family know that I use marijuana, but they are all understanding and supportive. I feel that there is far more acceptance now than there used to be.”Age: 23Location: ColoradoAnnual income: $36,000Monthly Weed Budget: $60Legal status: Fully legalReason for use: RecreationTypes of products: Flower, joints, edibles, waxHow do you feel about current attitudes or stigmas around marijuana?“I’m originally from a different state, and every time I go visit, I find comments made about ‘all the weed I must smoke’ extremely annoying. I smoked just as much lesser quality, illegally purchased weed in that state. I think this stigma will wear itself out, but it's definitely tiresome. I'm a hard-working, dean's list college graduate and published writer with two jobs. I'm not a burnout stoner wearing tie-dye all day eating Cheetos on my couch.”Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?A Week In Marina Del Rey, CA, On A $75,000 SalaryA Week In Vermont On A $38,000 SalaryThis Is How Much The Kardashians Make On Instagram Ads — According To Kris Jenner

  • Jason Momoa Shaves Off His Beard for First Time in 7 Years: 'It's Time to Make a Change'

    Jason Momoa Shaves Off His Beard for First Time in 7 Years: 'It's Time to Make a Change'

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  • Woman squares off with couple wearing Nazi regalia at Holocaust memorial

    "When you see something so reprehensible, you have to stand up,” said Sondra Pierson of Rhode Island.

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