• Trump: ‘More White People’ Are Killed by Cops and How Dare Anyone Suggest Blacks Have it Bad

    Following weeks of nationwide protests over a spate of police killings of Black people, President Donald Trump has claimed that “more white people” actually die at the hands of law enforcement.The president made the comment after appearing to briefly lose it when asked about the hot button topic in a CBS News interview.“Why are African-Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country?” host Catherine Herridge asked, prompting the president to immediately recoil.“So are white people. So are white people! What a terrible question to ask,” he huffed. “So are white people.”Studies have shown that Black men are about 3.5 times more likely than white men to die in police custody. White men were killed by the police in the highest numbers between 2013 and 2017, but white people account for a greater percentage of the U.S. population than Black people, according to a Harvard study.Trump has made white grievance politics and the culture war a centerpiece of his re-election push in recent weeks, defending Confederate memorials and military bases named after Confederate generals even as he derides those who took part in anti-racism protests as “bad, evil people” seeking to destroy the country.  Beyond that, he's targeted the only full-time Black NASCAR driver, Bubba Wallace, falsely accusing him of perpetrating a hate-crime “hoax” after a suspected noose was discovered in his garage at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway last month. Trump took to Twitter to demand that Wallace should “apologize” after the FBI concluded the noose was not a hate crime, but Wallace was not the one who reported it to begin with.Amidst what has become a nationwide reckoning over racism in the country, Trump has veered off in the other direction and refused to acknowledge that racism is a problem. In fact, perhaps the most telling response he has offered to the racism issue at the heart of the protests was a recent retweet of a video showing a Trump supporter arguing with protesters and yelling “white power.” Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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  • Bella Thorne’s Dior String Bikini Gives Denim Cutoff Shorts & Sneakers a High-End Twist

    When it comes to her off-duty style, Thorne typically opts for a casual aesthetic.

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  • Simone Biles Casually Does a Heart-Stopping Move That Looks Exactly Like Flying

    NBD, but she's so strong and powerful that her feet slamming into the ground sound like cannons going off.

  • Georgia murder case tests whether a Black man can stand his ground against whites

    William Marcus Wilson believed he was standing his ground when he fired at a pickup truck he says was trying to run his car off the road as he drove home with his girlfriend one night last month.

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  • The New Bronco's Interior Has Floor Holes to Drain Water and a Ton of Other Useful Features (9 photos)

    If these practical design cues don't make you want a Bronco, we don't know what will. From Road & Track

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  • Depp tells court ex-wife attacked him on night he learned he'd lost $650 million

    Movie star Johnny Depp concluded five days of testimony in his libel case against Britain's Sun newspaper on Monday, saying his ex-wife Amber Heard had thrown a "haymaker" punch at him on the night he found out he had lost $650 million. The court has heard evidence from the paper's lawyer that Depp violently attacked his former wife on at least 14 occasions over three years from 2013, when enraged by jealously and having consumed large amounts of alcohol or drugs. The actor would become, according to Heard, 34, and by his own account, "the monster", the Sun's lawyer Sasha Wass has told the court.

  • California Governor Says No More Nobu for Kendall and Kylie Jenner

    Many California counties are rolling back their re-openings.

  • Hosts Tom Bergeron, Erin Andrews will be replaced on 'Dancing With the Stars'

    Tom Bergeron tweeted that 'Dancing With the Stars' will be looking for a new host, bringing an end to his 15-year run. Erin Andrews is also out.

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  • 'Shame on you': Florida gov. heckled at briefing

    As of Monday there were nearly 270,000 recorded coronavirus cases and over 4,300 deaths in Florida, according to a Reuters tally.

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  • Trump on Black Americans killed by police: "So are White people"

    In an interview with CBS News, the president also said he believed waving the Confederate flag was a matter of freedom of speech.

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  • It's time to cancel 'The Star-Spangled Banner.' Here's what should replace it

    'The Star-Spangled Banner' is likely racist and definitely a terrible song. Let's replace it with this landmark 1970s soul hymn to fellowship.

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  • I’d eight to be Hull right now – Wigan join ranks of biggest victors

    The Latics put the Tigers to the sword at the DW Stadium - how to they compare to other convincing winners?

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  • A Megachurch Reels After Learning Pastor Let His Professed Pedophile Son Work With Kids

    John Ortberg, the senior pastor at California's Menlo Church, allowed his son to continue working with children, despite the confession.

  • Doctors in France have found the world's first recorded case of an unborn child contracting COVID-19 from their mother while inside the womb

    Doctors said the fetus's brain bore evidence of inflammation caused by the coronavirus, which had crossed the placenta into the baby's bloodstream.

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  • Podiatrist-loved brand Vionic is having a huge sale on cute, supportive shoes: What to shop at 40% off

    These shoes are comfy and stylish — and Oprah herself is a fan!

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  • The St. Louis couple that aimed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters received dozens of offers to replace a firearm that was seized by police, their attorney says

    Police seized Mark and Patricia McCloskey's rifle in a search warrant. Since then, the couple has received over 50 offers to replace it, their lawyer said.

  • Whoopi Shouts Down Another Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Fight: ‘I Swear to GOD!’

    Returning from a one-week summer break, The View quickly devolved into yet another shoutfest between frequent sparring partners Meghan McCain and Joy Behar, prompting lead host Whoopi Goldberg to scold the pair and threaten them with a quick commercial break.The ABC talk show kicked off Monday’s broadcast by discussing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ disastrous Sunday talk-show appearances, something the panel appeared to be in agreement over.“So Meghan, we’re not seeming to get any real guidance from the education secretary. So what do you think a good idea for a plan could be?” Goldberg noted after highlighting DeVos’ inability to detail a comprehensive plan to safely reopen schools on Sunday.“Well, first and foremost on that point, Betsy DeVos needs major media training if she’s going to have a job like this in the administration during a pandemic,” McCain replied. “I don’t know if I have ever seen someone at that level be worse in interviews.”This caused Behar to laugh, prompting McCain to tell her liberal colleague that this is “quite serious” before going on to say she was “really disappointed” and there is still no plan to safely reopen schools this fall while calling on “both sides” to be voted out.“Yeah. What’s funny, Meghan, is that media training is the least of her problems. That’s what made me laugh,” Behar eventually responded.“It’s about communication,” McCain shot back, prompting Behar to add, “I know. She sucks!”Moments later, McCain took offense when Behar said the GOP doesn’t care about education, griping that it’s “very aggressive and incendiary” to “say Republicans don’t care about children.”Behar contended she was criticizing Republicans on “education,” causing McCain to say “whatever” before blasting Democrats for supporting teachers’ unions and presenting a “moving goal of priorities” on reopening schools. McCain, meanwhile, groused that it’s “exhausting” to come on the show and be “told that Republicans don’t care about anything.”As the two continued to bicker, Goldberg jumped in and threw the segment to a commercial break while waving to the camera.The following segment, which was ostensibly about the Trump administration’s attempt to publicly discredit top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, eventually turned into another partisan fight between the two.After Behar chastised McCain for conflating her criticism of Republicans as being about run-of-the-mill GOP voters, McCain shot back by claiming (once again) that she’s the “only Republican in mainstream media” and saying Behar’s remarks come across as “accusatory.”“I’m Republican. I vote for these people,” she grumbled, adding, “All I want is for us at this show to lead by example and not be part of the problem and come in being accusatory.”While Behar continued to attack Republican “idiots,” McCain yelled back that the veteran comedian was going to get President Donald Trump re-elected, leading Goldberg to say enough is enough.“Okay, I swear to God if you don’t stop, I’m going to take us to break again,” she shouted.“I didn’t bring this up,” McCain protested. “We were moving on to another topic! Joy brought it up!”Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Shut Down Meghan McCain’s COVID OutburstRead more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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  • Multiple NBC Affiliates Won’t Air Thursday’s ’30 Rock’ Special Due to All the Peacock Promos

    Not everyone will see the “30 Rock” reunion that will air Thursday on NBC. Multiple station groups are preempting the hour-long special, which will double as an advertisement for NBCUniversal’s 2020-21 programming and its new streaming service, Peacock.The full list of stations that are choosing to preempt the special come from station groups Gray Television, Hearst, Nexstar, Tegna and Sinclair Broadcast Group, an individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap. While it’s not clear exactly how many of the stations are skipping the special, those collectively represent about half of NBC’s footprint.NBC declined to comment on the reason for the preemptions, but Vulture reported that it’s over concerns the special is too focused on the new streaming service, which rolls out nationwide on Wednesday. The special is being produced by NBCUniversal’s marketing department.Also Read: '30 Rock' Reunion: Liz Lemon Shames Maskless New Yorker in First Teaser for NBC Special (Video)On Thursday, the cast of “30 Rock” will tout NBCUniversal’s 2020-21 programming in an hour-long, commercial-free event. The show will then be rebroadcast on Friday across USA Network, Bravo, E!, Oxygen, SYFY, and CNBC as well as available to stream on Peacock.Representatives from the station groups did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.The “30 Rock” special will still air in many top markets that have stations owned and operated by NBC, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Dallas. Affiliates are not required to air the programming of the broadcast network with which they are tied.Read original story Multiple NBC Affiliates Won’t Air Thursday’s ’30 Rock’ Special Due to All the Peacock Promos At TheWrap

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  • Trump may be no good at leading America – but he's really, really good at lying

    US credibility has been contorted to protect the feelings of one man-child. No wonder he finds Anthony Fauci so offensiveIt’s outrageous to say that Donald Trump is good at nothing.He may be no good at leading the country through a pandemic and recession. He may be no good at healing a nation that is deeply scarred by racist power. He may be no good at diplomacy with his allies, or even recognising America’s enemies for what they are.But he is really, really good at lying. An Olympic-standard, Guinness Book of Records fabricator of falsehoods. He regurgitates lies as rapidly and copiously as Joey Chestnut swallows hotdogs.Trump represents the historic high-water mark for verbal cheating, which is surely the only part of his short legacy that will feature in US history exams in 2030.According to the exhausted and exhaustive factchecking team at the Washington Post, Trump’s rate of lying is shaped remarkably like the country’s exponential rise in Covid-19 cases.It took him 827 days to reach his first 10,000 lies, but just 440 days to reach his second 10,000 lies.The team’s forensic book on the subject calls this “his assault on truth”. But it’s really an assault on our ability to understand what truth looks and sounds like.This is nothing new for Trump, but it is something new for a democratic nation that proudly used to call itself the leader of the free world.Credibility was one of the most potent weapons in America’s arsenal of soft power. The kind of potency that allowed Kennedy’s secretary of state to convince Charles de Gaulle to support his case against the Soviet Union in the Cuban missile crisis. Based on Kennedy’s word, not the photographic evidence.Today America’s credibility has been contorted to protect the feelings of one man-child, not the security of a nation. That’s why someone like Anthony Fauci is so deeply offensive to the factory of fraud built inside this White House.Fauci is the most senior expert on Trump’s coronavirus task force, but he says he hasn’t briefed the president in two months. In that time, the daily number of new American cases has tripled to more than 60,000.Rather than deal with the underlying raging wildfire, Trump’s team set about attacking the man best placed to quell the inferno. According to multiple news organisations, the White House sprayed out its oppo research about all the times Fauci supposedly got things wrong.It’s possible that the captain of the Titanic felt equally aggrieved by the quality of the previous week’s shipping forecast. But history has not looked kindly on his care of human souls nonetheless.After three decades in charge of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, Fauci is clearly an expert in at least three things: science, politics and the sophisticated art of not giving a flying flask.Fauci dares to say that America is not, in fact, doing great, even when the red baseball cap claims otherwise. Even when all of the president’s minions tell him he looks awesome in a face mask.This is not a fair fight. In the blue corner is a world-renowned scientist whom 67% of Americans trust for accurate information about the coronavirus. In the red corner is a world-renowned grifter whom 26% of Americans trust for the same information.Only one of them suggested injecting disinfectant as a cure for Covid-19, which would obviously disappear like a miracle, after he protected the nation with a travel ban that was clearly perfect. He’s the one who paid someone to take the SAT exam on his behalf.It’s tempting to blame one sociopathic man for what we’re suffering. But it truly takes a village to allow such a spectacular village idiot to thrive.Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary who promised she would never lie to the press, has spent the past two months, well, lying to the press.“There is no opposition research being dumped to reporters,” she claimed on Monday. “We were asked a very specific question by the Washington Post, and that question was President Trump noted that Dr Fauci had made some mistakes, and we provided a direct answer to what was a direct question.”Kayleigh: here’s the thing. In another six months, you’ll be looking for a new job. One of your predecessors is now trying to sell grills on Instagram. That market is already crowded, and there aren’t many other household goods to endorse on social media.In Trumpland, there is no herd immunity to this disease. They have been infected for so long, they are happy to sneeze full viral loads in the hope that everyone succumbs to the same lies.So what if the polls consistently show their boss losing to Joe Biden by such large numbers that they are outside the margin of error? The only margin of error that matters is saying something that might break the mirror that Trump stares at every day.Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, claims that polls are “the biggest joke in politics” and “the fakest thing.” This is from the genius behind the mostly empty rally in Tulsa that was more effective as a coronavirus comeback than a political oneIt’s that kind of fact-denying brilliance that leads our antihero to sit on the wrong side of precisely every issue of the day.On Monday Trump tried yet again to smear Biden by claiming he was on the side of “radical” and “reckless politicians” who are opposed to what he called “our law enforcement heroes”.This was just the first working day after Trump commuted the sentence of a convicted felon who lied to protect him – in opposition to the career prosecutors who might be considered “our law enforcement heroes”.Irony may be dead in Trump’s America, but the polling isn’t.While Trump is trying to whip up opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement, the country has already made up its mind. A clear majority of Americans – 60% – agree with the ideas of Black Lives Matter, and similar numbers support major reforms to policing. As it happens, around the same numbers disapprove of Trump’s handling of the protests.Why would anyone campaigning for reelection waste a whole day talking to just 40% of the country?Because Donald Trump has lied so often, to so many people, that he believes his own version of reality. It is just one of the multiple truths that is so familiar to anyone living in Putin’s Russia.Restoring sanity and science is impossible inside a White House where Trump’s fantasies rule. We will endure six more months of Fauci-bashing before we can turn the tide on this pandemic.Fauci will of course survive. But it will take many more years to restore America’s credibility after this confederacy of dunces is swept out.• Richard Wolffe is a Guardian US columnist

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